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Who we are...

Business Box is a UK privately owned company specialising in acquisition, merger and restructuring of limited companies; we work for the interests of directors and shareholders. With knowledge developed over 15 years of acquisition and restructuring experience from our own group of manufacturing and sub-contract manufacturing companies, we have first-hand practice of business restructuring in a variety of capacities and understand the process from the directors and shareholders point of view.

Along the way we have been fortunate enough to meet hundreds of different business owners and on occasions, when the acquisition has not been suitable for us, we have helped the company in a different capacity by providing a business consultancy service. Therefore whether you are looking to purchase a business, arrange a structured close down of your firm or looking into the possibility of selling your company, we can advise every step of the way.


With the distinct disadvantages that go along with starting a business from scratch more and more potential business owners are opting for the lower-risk approach of purchasing an established company.

Whether you wish to purchase your first business or want to acquire a bolt-on company for your existing venture Business Box are able to offer assistance every step of the process, offering as much or as little direct involvement as you require.

We understand that every business owner is different so we ensure our initial consultation is completely free to enable us to assess and discuss the best pathway for your requirements.


Events over the last few years mean that the economy is in a delicate position. For many businesses, expenses are rising and what was once a thriving business can now be a struggling one. In times of change and financial difficulty, we provide practical, hands-on help to enable company owners to turn their business around.

Business rescue is our primary focus wherever possible. However, if the financial burden has become too great and the business is no longer viable we can help liquidate, close or pre-pack non-viable companies.

Whichever option you choose we will guide you throughout the whole process.

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